Meet Our Staff


Daniel Beams, PhD.

Agua Yaku Director

Daniel earned a M.S. degree in environmental science from Baylor University (1989) and a Ph.D. in applied anthropology from the University of Kentucky (2001).  In his studies and his career he has focused on Christian missions and economic development in rural communities in Latin America.  Daniel and his family have lived and worked in Santa Cruz, Bolivia since 2004 and have been missionaries with the EFCCM since 2007.  Combining his desire to share the love of Christ with his compassion to help the poor, Daniel founded Agua Yaku, a clean water project, as a way to minister to both the spiritual needs and the physical needs of rural families and communities.



Marcos Jimenez Balboa

Agua Yaku Administrator & Project Manager



David Guzmán Heredia

Agua Yaku Shop Foreman & Well Drilling Specialist



Stephen Garrison

Agua Yaku Web Developer and Well Drilling Assistant

Stephen is a self taught web-developer, graphic designer, and coder. Stephen and his wife spent 4 months of 2015  volunteering in Bolivia, and plan to return soon. Stephen loves music, art, photography and hopes someday to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. Stephen spent several weeks out of the last year working as a well drilling assistant.